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Honda SL / CL / CB350 Cam Chain Tensioner Kit
Honda CL / CB350 Cam Chain Tensioner Kit

Honda SL / CL / CB350 Cam Chain Tensioner Kit

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CMC Part Number:4350

Cam Chain Roller
Chain Tensioner Small Roller
Chain Guide
Cam Chain Roller Shaft End Cushions
#4094 (Qty: 2)

Part: Honda CL / CB350 Cam Chain Tensioner Kit

Why You Need This: Let's keep that valve train working right on your Honda CL / SL / CB350 engine. If you are doing a top end rebuild, the cam chain tensioner and the handful of associated parts should be inspected and replaced if damaged. We often see the tensioner rollers chewed up from a previous owner not properly adjusting the cam chain (which also might need to swapped out).

The Honda CL / CB350 cam chain tensioner system uses four main parts:

  • The small tensioner wheel mounted to the pivoting bracket
  • Large roller wheel that runs between the cam chain
  • Roller shaft end cushions (Qty: 2 )
  • Chain guide

All the parts in the Honda CL / CB350 cam chain tensioner kit are made in Japan, and is available as a whole kit, which will save you a few bucks. We recommend finishing your rebuild up with a fresh overhaul gasket kit, some three bond gasket sealer, and new cam chain to get the engine all put back together the right way.

Installation Tip: Inspect the condition of the tensioner plunger that is located between the cylinders for proper operation, often the spring or lock screw is broken or missing. Make sure to use the chain tool to press the master link together on the cam chain. Lube all the rolling and pivioting parts with motor oil while assembling the engine.

This Cam Chain Tensioner Kit Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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