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Spark Plug Boots Honda CB550K / CB550F / CB500K

Spark Plug Boots Honda CB550K / CB550F / CB500K

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In Stock - Sold In Pairs
CMC Part Number:3520

Boot Style - Sold In Pairs
(#3510) Long Boot - Cylinders 2 - 3 [+$16.00]
(#3511) Short Boot - Cylinders 1 - 4 [+$16.00]

Part: Honda CB550K / CB550F / CB500K Spark Plug Boots  -  Sold In Pairs

Why You Need This: Quite often the connection between the wire and boot are the root cause of ignition problems. Fresh NGK spark plug boots made in Japan are a excellent replacement for the original plug boots. These Honda CB550K / CB550F / CB500K Spark Plug Boots feature a water resistant seal and come in two sizes. Either size fits all four cylinders, but we have found that using the long boots on the inner two cylinders (2 & 3)  and the short boots on the outer cylinders (1 & 4) work the best (default kit). You're also welcome to purchase each boot individually for a custom set. While you're in there you might as well swap the spark plugs.

Installation Tip: Trim away about 1/4" of old wire from the end of the plug wire to grab some fresh wire. Screw the boots into the end of the wires, press and turn clockwise until roughly 1/2" of wire is in the boot.

This Spark Plug Boot Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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