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Spark Plug Socket 13/16" (21 mm) – 3/8" Drive | KT Pro Tools
13/16" (21 mm) 6-point internal hex

Spark Plug Socket 13/16" (21 mm) – 3/8" Drive | KT Pro Tools

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Part: Spark Plug Socket 13/16" (21 mm) – 3/8" Drive by KT Pro Tools

Why You Need This: There are four things you need to get a motorcycle started; air, fuel, compression, and spark. Spark plug removal and installation is a very frequent task on many engines including all the vintage Honda Motorcycles we support. If you cannot easily remove the spark plugs to check the spark or fuel mixture, that is a problem. 

The 13/16" (21 mm) hex is one of the most common spark plug drive sizes used on engines as it is a universal standard. This is the proper 6-point spark plug socket needed to remove and install the spark plugs on the CB350 / CB360 / CB450 family of motorcycles. Spark plug sockets are unique in that they contain a rubber insert to protect the ceramic insulator from cracking when removing and installing the spark plugs. The internal rubber protector also grabs and holds the plug to the socket to aid in installing a spark plug in a long reach situation. This KT Pro Spark Plug socket will work with any 3/8" drive ratchet, breaker bar, or extension. Additionally, if you find yourself dealing with spark plugs in a tight clearance situation where a ratchet will not fit on the end of the socket, the spark plug socket can be grabbed by the external hex on the end of the socket. 

We always keep one (or three) in the tool box, on the motorcycle, and anywhere we can because you never know when you will need to pull the spark plugs on a vintage motorcycle!

Warranty: KT Pro Tools feature a lifetime warranty on all tools. They are one of the largest global hand tool manufacturers in the world, producing professional quality, durable tools. See more about our KT Tools Warranty Process.

This KT Pro Tool can be used on the following Honda Motorcycles
1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978
175 CB175K0 CB175K3 CB175K4 CB175K5 CB175K6 CB175K7
CL175K0 CL175K3 CL175K4 CL175K5 CL175K6 CL175K7
SL175K0 SL175K1 SL175K1
200 CB200K0 CB200K0 CB200T CB200T
350 CB350K0 CB350K1 CB350K2 CB350K3 CB350K4 CB350K5
CL350K0 CL350K1 CL350K2 CL350K3 CL350K4 CL350K5
SL350K0 SL350K0 SL350K1 SL350K2 SL350K2
360 CB360G CB360T CB360T
CL360K0 CL360K1 CJ360T CJ360T
CB450K0 CB450K0 CB450K0 CB450K1 CB450K2 CB450K3 CB450K4 CB450K5 CB450K6 CB450K7 CB500T CB500T
CL450K0 CL450K1 CL450K2 CL450K3 CL450K4 CL450K5 CL450K5 CL450K6
CB500K0 CB500K1 CB500K2 CB550K0 CB550K1 CB550K CB550K CB550K
CB550F CB550F CB550F
750 CB750K0 CB750K0/K1 CB750K1 CB750K2 CB750K3 CB750K4 CB750K5 CB750K6 CB750K7 CB750K8
CB750F0 CB750F1 CB750F2 CB750F3
CB750A CB750A CB750A

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