3/8" Drive Metric 6-Point Socket & Ratchet Kit | KT Pro Tools
3/8" Drive Metric 6 Point Socket & Ratchet Kit Options

3/8" Drive Metric 6-Point Socket & Ratchet Kit | KT Pro Tools

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CMC Part Number:U9908
  • Qty:Sold in Sets

Select Handle Style
Standard Quick Release (#9110)
European Style Round Head (#9111) (+$3.50)
Select Socket Set Type
Standard Length Socket Set (#9112)
Deep Wall Length Socket Set (#9113) (+$7.00)
UP: 3/8" Drive Extension - 3"
UP: 3/8" Drive Extension - 6"
UP: 3/8" Drive Extension - 10"

Part: 3/8" Drive Metric 6 Point Socket & Ratchet Set by KT Pro Tools

Why You Need This: Your toolbox plays a big role in the journey of repairing a vintage motorcycle. It will become your best friend (or not) depending on the quality of the tools you fill it with. 3/8" drive size ratchet and sockets are one of the most used tools when wrenching on vintage motorcycles; they are a key part of a well equipped toolbox. Here at Common Motor, we have put together the perfect assortment of 3/8" drive sockets, ratchet extensions and ratchet handles to build a comprehensive metric 3/8" drive kit for your tool box based on our experience.

Our complete 3/8" drive ratchet handle and socket kit allow you to configure the following options:

  • Choice of 3/8" drive ratchet handle style: Standard Quick Release or Round Head "European" type
  • Choice of 13 piece Standard or Deep Wall 6 point metric socket set: sized M7, M8, M9, M10, M11, M12, M13, M14, M15, M16, M17, M18, M19 (with organizer rail)
  • Three (x3) 3/8" drive extensions in 3", 6", 10" lengths

3/8" ratchet handles, socket sets (6 point), and extensions are all available individually as well.

Warranty: KT Pro Tools is one of the largest global hand tool manufacturers in the world, producing professional quality, fit and finish tools with a lifetime warranty. Both ratchet handles feature fully rebuild-able heads. Ratchet mechanisms are not covered by the warranty, however, we are happy to offer full rebuild kits for your KT Pro ratchets. See more about our KT Tools Warranty Process.

This KT Pro Tool can be used on the following Honda Motorcycles
1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978
CT90 CT90K0 CT90K0 CT90K0 CT90K1 CT90K2 CT90K3 CT90K4 CT90K4 CT90K5 CT90K6 CT90K7 CT90K8 CT90K9
CB100K0 CB100K1 CB100K2 CB100K2 CB100K2 CB100K2
CL100K0 CL100K1 CL100K2 CL100K3
CB125 S0 CB125 S1 CB125 S2 CB125 SA CB125 SA CB125 SA
CL125 S0 CL125 S1 CL125 S1
175 CB175K0 CB175K3 CB175K4 CB175K5 CB175K6 CB175K7
CL175K0 CL175K3 CL175K4 CL175K5 CL175K6 CL175K7
SL175K0 SL175K1 SL175K1
200 CB200K0 CB200K0 CB200T CB200T
350 CB350K0 CB350K1 CB350K2 CB350K3 CB350K4 CB350K5
CL350K0 CL350K1 CL350K2 CL350K3 CL350K4 CL350K5
SL350K0 SL350K0 SL350K1 SL350K2 SL350K2
360 CB360G CB360T CB360T
CL360K0 CL360K1 CJ360T CJ360T
CB450K0 CB450K0 CB450K0 CB450K1 CB450K2 CB450K3 CB450K4 CB450K5 CB450K6 CB450K7 CB500T CB500T
CL450K0 CL450K1 CL450K2 CL450K3 CL450K4 CL450K5 CL450K5 CL450K6
CB350F CB350F CB350F CB400F CB400F CB400F
CB500K0 CB500K1 CB500K2 CB550K0 CB550K1 CB550K CB550K CB550K
CB550F CB550F CB550F
750 CB750K0 CB750K0/K1 CB750K1 CB750K2 CB750K3 CB750K4 CB750K5 CB750K6 CB750K7 CB750K8
CB750F0 CB750F1 CB750F2 CB750F3
CB750A CB750A CB750A

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