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Wheel Bearing Front Drum Brake CB450 / CL450 K0-K2
Wheel Bearing Front Drum Brake CB450 / CL450 K0-K2

Wheel Bearing Front Drum Brake CB450 / CL450 K0-K2

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CMC Part Number:10014
  • Replaces OEM Part:96120-63020
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Part: Honda CB450 / CL450 Front Wheel Bearing & Dust Seal Kit (Drum Brake Models)

Why You Need This: One of the last things we see checked on the old vintage Hondas is wheel bearings. You don't want to skip changing a bad bearing because it can lead to some serious steering and handling issues on your motorcycle. If your front wheel has lateral play (back and forth movement perpendicular to the axle), is not turning smoothly or the bearings feel "crunchy" or leaking grease, it is time to replace the bearings. We finally found the bearings you need to have a fresh set rolling on your CB450/ CL450 Scrambler front drum brake wheel. They are guaranteed to fit and give excellent performance. The kit includes two bearings, pre-lubricated and ready to go, as well as dust seals to keep them clean and running smooth as butter. Don't forget to check you brake shoes if you're working on the front end while you're at it!

Installation Tip: Apply heat with a heat gun to help remove the old bearings. They will need to be driven out using a long punch. A little heat will also help install the new bearings. Get the hub hot and press the new bearings in. Use a large socket or a piece of tubing that it is about the same diameter of the bearing's outer race as a driver. Never push on the inner race or blue dust seal, it will damage or destroy the bearing.

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