6 Volt Turn Signal & Tail Light Replacement Light Bulbs
Single Filament (L) vs. Dual Filament (R) Bulbs are sold individually

6 Volt Turn Signal & Tail Light Replacement Light Bulbs

$2.50 Per Bulb
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CMC Part Number:U3250
  • Replaces OEM Parts:34905-358-003, 34905-053-000, 34905-056-671, 34906-329-671
  • Qty:Sold Individually

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Single Filament Bulb (#3251)
Dual Filament Bulb (#3252)

Part: 6 volt (6V) Incandescent Taillight & Turn Signal Bulbs for Honda CT90 / CB100 / CL100 / CB125 / CL125 Motorcycles. Bulbs are Sold Individually.

Why You Need This: Many states mandate working turn signals for road inspections. Add these 6 volt single filament incandescent turn signal bulbs to your Honda Trail 90 / CB100 / CL100 / CB125 / CL125 and pass inspections with flying colors.

For the taillight, you'll require our dual filament 6 volt bulbs. Each of these motorcycles utilizes the dual filament bulb in the taillight; it functions as both a brake and a running light. The dimmer filament illuminates as the running light, while the brighter one serves as the brake light.

Ensure safety and visibility with fresh bulbs. These bulbs are plug-and-play, demanding no modifications or wiring upgrades. Forget the "I'll use arm signals" justification and replace those burnt-out bulbs today.

Installation Tip: Applying a dab of dielectric grease to the metal base and sides of the bulb can prevent corrosion, ensuring the bulb doesn't rust to the socket. Gently press the bulb into the socket and twist to secure it using the bayonet-style base.

These 6V Incandescent Bulbs Fit the Following Honda Motorcycles
100 125CB100K0CB100K1CB100K2CB100K2CB100K2CB100K2
CB125 S0CB125 S1CB125 S2CB125 SACB125 SACB125 SA
CL125 S0CL125 S1CL125 S1

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