6 Volt Universal Horn (Black) | CT90 / CB100 / CB125
6V Universal Horn

6 Volt Universal Horn (Black) | CT90 / CB100 / CB125

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  • Replaces OEM Parts:38100-310-014, 38100-344-004, 38100-369-004, 38100-300-023, 38100-286-014


Black Universal 6-volt horn for vintage Honda singles with 6v charging systems.

NOTE: Decorative design may vary from picture.

This Part Fits the Following Honda Models

  • CT90 K0-K9
  • CB100 K0-K2
  • CL100 Scrambler K0 / CL100 Scrambler S0-S3
  • SL100 K0-K3
  • CB125 S0-S2 / CB125 SA
  • CL125 Scrambler S0-S1
  • SL125 K0-K2

Why You Need This

Horns are an often overlooked part of your motorcycle’s electrical system despite being an important safety feature and necessary to pass in states with motor vehicle inspections. Over time, horns can, and often do, fail. While there’s some maintenance you can perform to get an old horn working again, it’s often more cost and time effective just to replace the old, busted unit.

Common Motor offers this new OEM-style universal horn for Honda CT90 / CB100 / CB125 motorcycles with 6-volt charging systems. It’s made of high-quality materials, easy to install, and most importantly, loud. Slap a new CMC Universal Horn on your vintage Honda single and ride in safety!

Installation Tip

Check the connectors leading to your bike’s horn to make sure they’re free of corrosion. If they are corroded, scuff them up with some fine-grain sandpaper or emery cloth and clean them with a solvent like rubbing alcohol or contact cleaner (preferred). Add a light dab of dielectric grease to the contacts to protect them. Inspect your horn button to make sure it’s working correctly. If it isn’t, we sell replacement buttons.

NOTE: Some modifications need to be made to this part to fit the Honda CT90. The CT90's factory horn mounting bracket should be left in place on the bike, and the universal horn's built-in mounting tab should be bent and drilled to fit the bracket. In addition, the terminals on the bike's wiring harness should be changed from OEM bullet-style terminals to spade terminals to fit the horn.

This 6V Horn Fits the Following Honda Motorcycles

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