Motobatt Little Boy Battery Charger / Maintainer
Smart Mini Battery Charger

Motobatt Little Boy Battery Charger / Maintainer

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Optional Add-On Accessories:
Low Voltage Alarm (#3168) (+$10.00)
5ft Quick Disconnect Extension / Charger Cable (#3172) (+$10.00)

Part: Mottobat Little Boy 6V/12V 1A Battery "Smart" Charger & Accessories for Honda CB175, CL175, SL175 / CB200, CL200 / CB350, CL350, SL350 / CB360, CL360, CJ360 / CB450, CL450, CB500T / CB500K, CB550K CB550F / CB750 K1, K2, K3, K4, K5, CB750F, CB750K, CB750A motorcycles.

Why You Need This: As much as we would all love to ride our vintage Honda motorcycles every single day, the reality is that your motorcycle spend a great deal of time parked. Thus, the battery will slowly discharge while sitting idle. On the day you decide to hop on that two wheeled beast the battery will be weak or dead. The more frequently this happens, the shorter the service life of your battery will be. The solution is simple, keep your battery charged up so your vintage Honda motorcycle is always ready to go. 

Battery charger technology has come a long way since the days when these bikes were built. Old school battery chargers are very primitive in design and are intended for antiquated lead acid batteries. This tiny smart battery charger is designed to work specifically with AGM style batteries, but will also charge lead acid batteries, either 12 volt (12V) and 6 volt (6V). It provides 1 Amp of charging current and has a 4 stage microprocessor that senses battery recovery and discharge. This is battery charger is not intended to revive a completely discharged battery from the grave (just being realistic here), rather it is intended to be used as a "trickle" charger to keep a battery topped off or to recharge a mildly discharged battery. Best suited to be used with a brand new battery. 

Additionally, all Motobatt chargers feature quick disconnect cables, which make it easy to quick to plug and unplug your bike from the charger. Each charger comes with spring clip leads as well as ring terminal lead to leave permanently attached to the battery while still in the bike.
Installation Tip: The ring terminal "pig tail" is designed to be left installed on the battery in your bike for quick connection and disconnection to the batter charger. Make sure to connect the positive side first then the negative and be sure to secure the end of the terminal on the frame with some zip ties to keep it from flopping around when riding. Route the pigtail where it can easily be accessed to connect the charger to. Add the extension cable if you need more length between the charger and the pigtail leads.

This Motobatt Mini Smart Battery Charger can be used on these Honda Motorcycles
750 CB750K0 CB750K0/K1 CB750K1 CB750K2 CB750K3 CB750K4 CB750K5 CB750K6 CB750K7 CB750K8
CB750F0 CB750F1 CB750F2 CB750F3
CB750A CB750A CB750A

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