Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 / CB550 Motorcycle Battery Comparison: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Posted by Brenden on 5/2/2018 to CB350 / CL350 / SL350
Regardless of model, every Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 or CB550 will need a battery to run. Each of these bike models (and sub models like the CL350 Scrambler) have an electrical system centred around a battery. Everything electrically powered on the bike will utilize the battery as an "electron fuel tank" so it is important to have the right battery to use in your bike. Depending on the style of bike there could be several battery options to consider based on size, amperage requirements and battery box location. I mention this because it is becoming more and more popular to modify Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 or CB550 beyond the stock configuration; smaller battery, different style seat, pod filters or handlebar changes that are being defined as "Cafe" regardless of the sub category label assigned to it (brat, scrambler, etc.).

Just as a matter of clarification, we get asked is if the bikes can run without a battery. Technically the answer is "no" as the ignition coils are designed to be powered by a battery. My point here is that these Honda motorcycles do not have a magneto style ignition system commonly found on smaller dirt bikes and power equipment like lawnmowers or weed whackers (which will run without a battery). A healthy battery along with a charging system that is working well is what will keep your Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 or CB550 running happy. Often we find that an old or weak battery will cause all sorts of engine running issues with this era Honda motorcycles; this tends to tangent into chasing a ghost in other areas of the bike's sub systems attempting to pinpoint the issue. So be sure that your battery is reading a consistent 12V+ or better and is getting a full output from the charging system. Typical charging voltage for the Honda twins is 12.5 - 13.2 V+.

Follow along with the below video we compare the most common motorcycle battery styles available for vintage Honda CB350, CB360, CB450 or CB550: lead acid, AGM (absorbed glass mat), lithium ion.

After playing with numerous batteries over the years we decided to only offer a top quality AGM battery, as a stock replacement on your Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 or CB550. A simple battery charger to keep it topped off as well as a new combo regulator rectifier are a worthwhile upgrade for the charging system of your motorcycle.

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