Air Filter (Angled Boot Pod)
Angled Boot Pod Air Filters | Sold in Pairs

Air Filter (Angled Boot Pod)

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CMC Part Number:6024
  • OEM Part:6024
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Part: Angled Boot Pod Air Filters for Honda CB360 / CL360 / CJ360 / CB450 / CL450 / CB500T

Note: Sold as a Pair with a mounting clamp.

Why You Need This: A missing airbox—either lost by accident or removed on purpose—is a common problem on older or long-neglected classic Hondas. Even if your bike came with its stock airbox, chances are that the various boots, clamps, filters, and other hardware are so deteriorated that everything needs replacing—a pricey proposition. In addition, depending on the sub-model, factory-style filter elements may not even be available.

An airbox delete and the addition of pod filters has been a common fix for these issues for years now. Unfortunately, off-the-shelf pod filters with straight mounts require the relocation of the battery box and, on some models, don't fit under the side covers. Common Motor Collective has the perfect solution, however—pod-style air filters with an angled boot.

This angled boot pod filter allows you to run a filter and keep the factory battery box in place. The filters can be angled and rotated to clear the factory side covers on Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 motorcycles. Additionally, the filters have the added benefit of acting like a velocity stack, much like the factory rubber boots on the OEM filters. This is important because it allows for the proper airflow path to actuate the slides of the factory CV-style carbs found on Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 models. Pod filters are washable. You will need the main jet tuning kit to compensate for the adjusted airflow.

Installation Tip: Pod filters are a snug fit on the ends of the carbs and next to the battery box. Push the filter on as far as it will fit on the opening of the carburetor. Snug the clamp so the filter stays in place. Note, over-tightening the clamp will cause the filter to pop off the end of the carburetor. You will have to experiment with the filter orientation to work best with your bike setup. Filters are washable—air dry but do not oil. The use of these filters means carburetors are not supported by the factory air box boot, thus putting additional downward pressure on the intake manifolds. We suggest running a piece of wire over the frame of the bike attached to the front end of each carburetor that acts like a hanger to support the weight of both carburetors on the manifolds.

These Angle Boot Pod Filters Fit These Honda Motorcycles
4 Stars
Angled Boot Pod Filters
The angled boots are a perfect fit behind the side covers. The only problem that I had was the clamps were a bit too wide. When tightened, the extra width of the clamp causes the boot to slide off the carb. The boot circumference is too large to use the stock narrow clamp. I solved the problem by trimming the rib off the end of the boot so I could secure the new clamp to the very edge of the boot. (The new clamp is 3/8 wide and the stock clamp is 1/4) I got the angled pod filters as part of a special kit that included a new petcock, a jet kit, float bowl O-rings, and clear fuel line. Everything else fits/works perfectly.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New Bern, NC. on 1/16/2018
4 Stars
Worked for me, performs and looks good
I used the rubber adapters off the original filter elements in order to fit these filters tight against the bike. Doing so allowed me to use the original plastics...
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Massachusetts. on 11/22/2017
5 Stars
Better than Stock!
These are great replacement air cleaners and they fit behind the side covers. They are simple to install and look fantastic. They are a fraction of the cost of the stock air filters which are $65 apiece. They work as good or better and as I mentioned look great on the bike. You could ride around with the side covers off they look so good!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Santa Rosa, CA. on 8/12/2018
5 Stars
Mortgage and real estate
Nice looks, quality, and good value. I retained the full size battery so I had to modify the lower corner of the battery box.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Jacksonville FL and San Diego CA. on 8/7/2019
5 Stars
Quality value
Great pods at a reasonable price. Exceptionally build quality. Perfect for my project
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Tidewater, Oregon . on 6/30/2019

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