Rebuilt / Repaired Camshaft & Rocker Arms
Rebuilt / Repaired Camshaft & Rocker Arms

Rebuilt / Repaired Camshaft & Rocker Arms

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CMC Part Number:4200
  • Replaces OEM Part:14101-369-000, 14432-369-000, 14110-292-670, 14120-292-013, 14431-292-010, 14101-286-070, 14101-286-060, 14431-312-010, 14432-286-010, 14101-323-000, 14431-324-000
  • Current Turnaroud :6 to 9 Weeks
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Part: Rebuilt Camshaft & Rocker Arms for Honda CB350, CL350, SL350 / CB360, CL360, CJ360 / CB450, CL450, CB500T / CB550K, CB550

Why You Need This Part: If you are reading this chances are the camshaft and/or rocker arms in your Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 / CB550 are damaged in some form or another. The good news is that camshafts and rockers can usually* (read below) be repaired and put back to factory specifications. We are happy to offer our camshaft regrinding and rocker arm rebuild service for your vintage Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 / CB550 families of motorcycles. The service involves grinding the lobes on the camshaft back to the proper profile shape per Honda's specification. The rocker arm faces and tips (depending on model) are welded with new metal and ground back to correct geometry. The result is a camshaft and rocker arm set that performs like it did when it left the factory.

How The Rebuild Process Works: New camshafts and rockers are no longer available for the Honda CB360 / CB450 / CB550 families of motorcycles; thus our only option is to rebuild existing parts. To offer rebuilt camshaft and rocker arms, you need to send us your old part as a "core" for us to rebuild. Our Core FAQ explains the core exchange process in more detail. For now add your choice of cam and core type to your shopping cart and check out as normal. Mail us your camshaft and rockers and we will begin the rebuild process. Please include your order number in the package.

Mail your Cam / Rockers to :

Common Motor Cam Service Dept.

(Your order number here) 

1615 Branard St. Houston, TX 77006 USA

Turn around time on repaired cam and rockers ranges from 60 to 90 days from the day we receive your parts in the mail. Cams and rockers are repaired in groups for the same model of engines, thus it takes a few weeks to gather enough cams of single type to run a batch.

If there is an issue with your cam or rockers we will contact you directly to discuss options, otherwise you will receive a shipping notification when your cam and rockers are on the way back to you.

The Rebuild Camshaft & Rocker Arm Service Includes:

  • Reground Camshaft
    • CL350, SL350, CB350 / CL360, CJ360, CB360 / CB500K / CB550: Use 1 Camshaft
    • CL450, CB450 / CB500T: Use 2 Camshafts
  • Welded and Ground Rocker Arms
    • CL350, SL350, CB350: 4x Rocker Arms
    • CL360, CJ360, CB360: 4x Rocker Arms without Adjuster Screws
    • CL450, CB450 / CB500T: 4x Cam Followers (a different style of rocker arm)
    • CB500K / CB550: 8x Rocker Arms without Adjuster Screws
  • Camshaft Break In Assembly Lube

Installation Tip: Any shims that came with your camshaft need to be reused. Liberally apply the included high zinc & molybdenum assembly lube to the cam lobes, bearing surfaces, as well as to the rocker arm flats when installing the cam and rockers in the engine. The assembly lube is there to aid in break in of the newly finished parts and to prevent a "dry start." Additionally, apply engine oil to all the other parts of the valve train before starting the engine. A pumper oil can with a spout can make this task easier. Also, you can apply oil through the valve inspection covers. Be sure to use an oil such as diesel truck oil or racing oil that has high zinc content. Finally, to further assist with break in, an "engine break in lubrication supplement" with extra zinc can be added to fortify your motorcycle's oil.

How and why do camshafts and rocker arms fail?

Overall Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 / CB550 are fairly bullet proof engines; however, cam / rocker arm failure can be caused by several factors individually or combined. Sometimes the failure is from lack of lubrication, other times it is from valves adjusted too tight, and yet other times it is from corrosion that has pitted the lobes of the cam or faces of the rocker arms. The reasons for these failures have multiple potential causes:

  • The metallurgy of the camshaft is "soft" in nature compared to many other parts of the engine, and without proper lubrication, they can wear out prematurely. An overly tight valve adjustment will also cause the same results.
  • Modern automotive oils lack the zinc that was present in older oils, which has aided in lubrication of parts like cams, rocker arms, and lifters. The lack of zinc in engine oil can destroy parts in a very short period.
  • The cam and rockers are on top of the cylinder head and furthest from the oil pump and sump oil, thus they are the last parts that receive oil during engine start up.

*The majority of the time the parts can be rebuilt without issue; however there are instances where the core is beyond repair. In such circumstances, you will be charged a core fee in addition to the rebuild fee. The core fee covers the cost of providing a serviceable core that is removed from our supply. Once we receive your camshaft and rocker arms, we will inspect them and determine if they are rebuild-able or not. If they are rebuild-able, we will either exchange them for a freshly machined set (depending on the supply on hand) or rebuild them as a set (typically the case). The turn around time is typically 6 to 9 weeks. Cams and rockers sell as a complete set; however individual rocker arms are available on request but still require a core exchange. If we encounter an issue, we will contact you to discuss options. Cam cores prices start at $100 and rocker cores start at $15 each

These Replacement Camshaft and Rocker Arms Fit The Following Honda Models
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