Honda CL / CB350 Carburetor Rebuild Guide Part 1: Identification / Parts Overview & Disassembly

Posted by Brenden M. on 4/7/2017 to CB350 / CL350 / SL350

Honda CL / CB350 Carburetor Rebuild Guide Part 1: Identification / Parts Overview / Disassembly

Carburetors are the most commonly rebuilt part on any motorcycle; however without some guidance it can be a difficult task. The Honda CL / CB350 family of bikes utilizes a CV or constant velocity carburetor that when properly rebuilt and adjusted provide ample performance, reliability and smooth drive ability. We have broken this guide into two parts each with a few sections and videos covering different aspects of dealing with the Honda CL / CB350 carbs.

Identification: Over the course of the Honda CL350 & CB350 (as well as SL350 K0) production (1968 - 1973) there were three different variations of the Keihin CV carburetor used on the bikes. They can we divide them up into and early style, mid style and late style generations. The following video shows how to identify the differences between the styles; additionally we have reconfigured our Honda CL / CB350 carburetor rebuild kits to have the exact parts needed for the version of the carburetors on your bike:

Parts Overview & Disassembly: We take you step by step through the disassembly process on a Honda CL / CB350 carburetor. You will learn which parts to remove in the proper order, techniques for removing difficult to dissemble parts and which pieces are OK to leave in place during the rebuild process. The Honda CL / CB350 carburetors will require a myriad of parts needed to properly perform a rebuild. We will review all the possible parts that you may need in the carbs to complete the task. Do note however every set of carburetors will be in different starting state when attempting a rebuild. Certain parts will have to be inspected, cleaned and reinstalled, others have a 50 / 50 chance of being used again vs. being replaced (such as slide diaphragms), while others should always be replaced (O-rings and intake manifolds / carb boots). Each set of carburetors must be handled on a case by case basis depending on what is found during the tear down.

In part 2 of our Honda CL350 & CB350 carburetor rebuild guide we tackle the reassembly!

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