Carburetor Rebuild Kit | Honda CB550K / CB550F / CB500K
Carburetor Rebuild Kit | Honda CB550K / CB550F / CB500K

Carburetor Rebuild Kit | Honda CB550K / CB550F / CB500K

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CMC Part Number:6091
  • OEM Part:6091
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Part: Honda CB500K / CB550K (K0-K2) / CB550F Carburetor Rebuild Kit  - Kits are sold individually, you will need to order FOUR kits to service all the carbs.

Why You Need This: If you have adjusted everything and your Honda CB500K / CB550K / CB550F is still running like crud here is a good chance your carburetors are just full of gunk. If you're pulling them out it would be wise to freshen them up with these carb kits. After a thorough cleaning, rebuild and sync, your CB550 should be running like new again.

Note: This kit fits CB500K (four cylinder) the majority of Honda CB550 models. 1977 & 1978 CB550K3 and K4 use the PD style carburetors; rebuild kits use part# 6091 available here. Honda CB500T (twin cylinder) use kit #6348 available here. This kit will not fit the mid 1980's Honda DOHC CB550.

If you want to rebuild all 4 carburetors you will need to purchase 4 kits.

Installation Tip: Carb rebuilds are standard maintenance on these old bikes and should be done at the interval specified in the factory manual. Depending on what model of bike you are working on you may need to re-use the original size main jet that came out of your carburetors originally.

Kit Includes:

  • Top cover gasket
  • Float Bowl O-ring
  • Needle (#26)
  • E-clip
  • Main Jet (#98)
  • Slow Jet (#38)
  • Float needle & seat
  • Idle Screw
  • Spring
  • Emulsifier Tube
  • Drain Plug o-ring
  • Fuel T o-ring (x2)
This Carburetor Rebuild Kit Fits These Honda Motorcycles



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