Honda CB550 Rebuild Overview

Posted by Brenden on 5/30/2018 to CB550K / CB550F / CB500K
The crew here at Common Motor Collective are proud to announce our official parts support for the mid sized Honda CB550 series of motorcycles! These smooth running four cylinder machines were a smaller package response to the Honda CB750. Several versions of the bike were produced during the production run.

This includes:
  • CB500K (K0 - K2 variations from 1971-1973)
  • CB550K (K0 - K2 from 1974-1976)
  • CB550F Super Sport (1975-1977).
  • CB550K3 / K4 (1977-1978)
We always practice what we preach and test all the parts you may need to get your bike road worthy again. Follow along with our video as we go over all the parts and tasks needed to get a typical CB550F up and riding.