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Motorcycle Battery Charger

Motorcycle Battery Charger

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Part: Motorcycle Battery Charger

Why You Need This: As much as we would all love to use our vintage Honda CL / CB350, CL / CJ / CB360 or CL / CB450 / CB500T every single day, the reality is that motorcycles spend a great deal of time parked. This of course allows the battery to slowly discharge while sitting idle and of course the battery will be weak or dead once you decide to hop on that two wheeled beast. The more frequently this happens the shorter the service life of your battery will be. The solution is simple, keep your battery charged up so your Honda CL / CB350, CL / CJ / CB360 or CL / CB450 / CB500T is always ready to go.

This simple motorcycle battery charger is also know as a trickle charger as it is designed to keep a healthy battery topped off and fully charged. It is variable from 6V to 12V to work on any and all motorcycle batteries and has a fixed 8 hour timer and a trickle charge mode. However this is battery charger is not designed to revive a completely discharged battery from the grave (just being realistic here) as it only has a 500mA output. The battery charger comes with a quick disconnect wire pigtail that is set up to be attached to the battery at all times and allow fast connection / disconnection of the charger while the battery is still in your bike. This charger is also compatible with our AGM replacement battery that fits the Honda CL / CB350, CL / CJ / CB360 or CL / CB450 / CB500T.

Installation Tip: The pigtail has two wires, one solid black the other black with a white stripe. The black wire connects to the negative and the white stripe connects to the positive side of the battery. Make sure to connect the positive side first then the negative. Route the pigtail where it can easily be accessed to connect the charger to.

This Motorcycle Battery Charger Fits The Following Honda Motorcycles

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