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Telescoping Snap Gauges & Small Hole Gauges
Telescoping Snap Gauges & Small Hole Gauges

Telescoping Snap Gauges & Small Hole Gauges

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CMC Part Number:9028

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Telescoping Snap Gauge Set (#9038)
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Part: Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 / CB550 Telescoping Snap Gauges & Small Hole Gauges

Why You Need This: Telescoping snap gauges and small hole gauges are are a simple tool that allows for the precision measurement of internal diameters of machined engine parts. If you are doing a rebuild on a Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 / CB550 these are a must have tool to measure for wear on parts such as wrist pin bores, cylinders and valve guides. These telescoping snap gauges and the small hole gauges are to be used in conjunction with a set of micrometers and can not be used without them. These tools are not in SAE or Metric, rather they adjust to various inner diameters and then locked in place and measured using a micrometer to determine the size of the part measured.

Each set is sold individually and has a specific range of measurement they are designed to accommodate.

  • Small Hole Gauges: Contains 4 gauges that will measure from 3mm to 13mm in diameter (use for valve guides).
  • Telescoping Snap Gauges: Contains 6 gauges that will measure from 8mm to 150mm in diameters (use for cylinder bores).

When used with a micrometer (the foundation precision measurement tool needed to inspect worn engine parts) the small hole and telescoping snap gauges are the tools needed to do this level of engine inspection work yourself. Inspection and measurement is what determines how an engine in a Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 / CB550 will be rebuilt.

Installation Tip: Both style of gauges are very precision measuring tools, so make sure to handle them with the utmost care as they are delicate. The telescoping snap gauges and small hole gauges take some practice to use as getting accurate inner diameter references is an exercise in feel. Watch our video to see how to use the gauges in conjunction with the micrometers. Always take multiple measurements of a given part as you need to check for consistency in your measurements. Make sure to zero the micrometers out before taking any series of precision measurements.


These Telescoping Snap & Small Hole Gauges Can Be Used On The Following Honda Motorcycles

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