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Bullet Electrical Connector Terminal Assortment
Bullet Electrical Connector Terminal Assortment

Bullet Electrical Connector Terminal Assortment

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CMC Part Number:3095
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Male Bullet Terminal & Cover x 25
Female Bullet Terminal & Cover x 25
Double Female Bullet Termial & Cover x 10
Optional Add-On : Honda Open Barrel Crimp Tool
#9043 [+$30.00]

Part: Bullet Electrical Connector Terminal Assortment For Honda CB175 / CB200 / CB350 / CB360 / CB450 / CB550 / CB750

Why You Need This: For some reason seems that the wiring harness on many a vintage Honda CB or CL Scrambler has been "modified" from its original form by a monkey with a hatchet. Evidence of this is the gobs of electrical tape, cheap auto parts store butt splice wire joints and improvised power cord from granny's parlor lamp that "saved the day" decades ago. Now you are left with a tangle of wires and an ongoing missing parts mystery to clean up. While it may seem hopeless, the reality is that with the proper supplies the wiring harness can often be repaired back to service standards with minimal headache. We find that the majority of wiring harnesses on these old Honda motorcycles are actually in better shape than at first glance and with the majority of the repairs needed are the replacement of broken bullet terminals.

The Honda CB175 / CB200 / CB350 / CB360 / CB450 / CB550 / CB750 use bullet style electrical terminals for the vast majority of the wire connections on the motorcycle. These bullet style connectors are prone to corrosion, coming loose, cracking (on the female sides) or have been swapped out for some garbage terminals from Bubba's auto parts store. Good news is we have the high quality bullet style electrical terminals with rubber covers straight from Japan in an all inclusive kit.

This Honda Bullet Electrical Terminal Pack comes with:
  • 25 x Male bullet w/ rubber cover
  • 25 x Female bullet w/ rubber cover
  • 10 x Double Female bullet w/ rubber cover
In addition to the bullet style terminals, the multi-spade plastic connectors in three, four and six terminal configurations are available too. To finish the job correctly you will also need the proper terminal crimpers to make sure everything is installed neat and clean like it came from the factory. Or you can just pick up the whole electrical terminal kit and get it all in one go.

Installation Tip: Buy the electrical terminal crimp tool... yes you will need it to properly install these bullet terminal connectors. The connectors are crimped in three stages: 1) The inner part of the terminal crimps around the wire, 2) The outer crimp goes around the wire insulation, 3) give the inner crimp a second squeeze with the end of the crimp tool to ensure a solid connection. We also like to solder all connections too so that they are permanent. The suggested wire size for these terminals is 16 gauge. Don't forget to install the rubber boot on the wire before crimping the terminal in place. A little window cleaner make it easier to get the boot on the wire.

These Bullet Electrical Terminals are used on these Honda Motorcycles

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