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Anti-Seize Lubricant

Anti-Seize Lubricant

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Part: Anti-Seize Lubricant (Copper Based)

Why You Need This: You've spent hours on the garage floor banging on tools, drilling out and even getting at it with your fingers trying to remove the old and often stuck screws and bolts from your vintage Honda CB or Scrambler. Some come out without a hich, many are a struggle (even with some penetrating oil and heat) and of course there is the one (or two, or three) where the head has broken off...  Wish we really didn't have to go there. The good news is we can help keep every nut, bolt and plug from sticking in the future, making the removal of covers, studs and shafts quick and pleasurable.    

BEHOLD... Anti Seize compound (copper based)

You can find us slinging anti-seize compound constantly in the shop, in just about every one of our videos on anything that gets screwed together. Anti-Seize compound is used to lube up the threads of any screw, nut or bolt, to ensure smooth insertion, positive thread engagement and the ability to easily pull out the fastener when you want for the next maintenance rodeo. Fastener removal comes out clean and smooth, free of corrosion, water or missing threads.  A handy rule is to always use anti-seize when inserting hard steel bolts into soft aluminum parts like case covers.  We also use this stuff to coat our axles, bolts and most parts that screw together. 

Comes in a 1 oz tube, this copper based anti seize thread lubricant is rated up to 2000 degrees F and works with hot exhaust bits. Make sure you have a tube of this if you are ever replacing or repairing anything on your scrambler, cafe racers, trackers or anything you are riding. 

Installation Tip: Apply a liberal amount to any thread, axle or bolt and be amazed how easy it is to get them off for the next repair.  

NOTE: While there are many bolts that can use anti-seize lubricant over going in dry, there are some fasteners that need the opposite attention and must be held in place with thread locking or retaining compound. All fasteners should be torqued to spec based on the diameter or "girth" of the stud or bolt. 

Anti-Seize Lubricant Can Engage With These Honda Motorcycles

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