Petcock | Honda CB100 / CB125
Petcock | Honda CB100 / CB125

Petcock | Honda CB100 / CB125

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CMC Part Number:6042
  • Replaces OEM Part:16950-107-005
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Part: Petcock for Honda CB100 / CL100 / CB125 / CL125 / SL100 / SL125

Why You Need This: When the gas sitting in your CB125 or CL100 tank has turned into varnish, there is a good chance the petcocks are in need of repair or replacement. Mounting with a gasket and a screw these fuel valve petcocks are specific to these low displacement vintage Honda motorcycles. As with most Honda fuel taps, you can expect the standard three positions: on, off, and reserve. This petcock is easy to install and is ready right out of the box - complete with a new rubber o-ring and a brass filter screen. If your rubber o-rings are still pliable and our brass fuel filter screen is available. 

Installation Tip: Clean your tank with white vinegar, then immediately rinse with WD-40 to prevent flash rust. Rinse with gas and install the new petcock using the existing screw from the old petcock. Finish with some fresh fuel lines and clamps.

This Petcock Fits These Honda Motorcycles
1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978
CB100K0 CB100K1 CB100K2 CB100K2 CB100K2 CB100K2
CL100K0 CL100K1 CL100K2 CL100K3
CB125 S0 CB125 S1 CB125 S2 CB125 SA CB125 SA CB125 SA
CL125 S0 CL125 S1 CL125 S1

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