"Airlock" Intake & Exhaust Valves | Honda CB450 / CL450 / CB500T
'Airlock' Intake & Exhaust Valves | Honda CB450 / CL450 / CB500T

"Airlock" Intake & Exhaust Valves | Honda CB450 / CL450 / CB500T

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CMC Part Number:4025
  • Replaces OEM Part:Intake: 14711-292-000 Exhaust: 14721-292-010
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Optional Add On Parts:
#9056 - Coarse and Fine Valve Grinding Compound (+$9.00)
#9055 - Prussian Blue (+$9.00)
#4089 - Valve Stem Seals x 4 (+$15.00)

Part: Honda CB450 / CL450 Scrambler / CB500T Intake Valve and Exhaust Valve Kit

Why You Need This: The engine valves for the Honda CB450 / CL450 Scrambler / CB500T have been super tough to find until now as original OEM Honda replacements have been discontinued for years. Common Motor has stepped in and manufactured our own brand of super high quality engine valves for the Honda CB450 / CL450 Scrambler / CB500T series of bikes. Working with one of the top OEM engine valve manufactures in the world, we have fabricated brand new engine valves using modern materials designed to out perform the originals. A proper top end engine rebuild requires going through the cylinder head and inspecting the valves, valve guides and all the other moving parts in the head. Intake and exhaust valves do wear out with high mileage and should be replaced if they measure out of service limit or measure out of concentric alignment.

  • Manufactured from Japanese made JIS standard SUH35 steel
  • Valves are Tufftride coated
  • Extra wide valve face to accommodate variations in worn valve seats (easier to lap)
  • Stellite #1 coated (50-58 HRC) on the tip of the valves (extra hard for the tapping of the rocker arm tips) to prevent "mushrooming"

Sold as a kit of four, with two intake and two exhaust valves. While you are replacing the valves it is also a good idea to measure the valve guides and replace if out of service limit (use a 0-1" micrometer & small hole gauges). Reassemble with a set of overhaul gaskets and get the engine back in the bike.

CB450K0 Owners: The CB450 K0 Black Bomber has some slight variations in the engine due to it being the first generation. Honda speced 2 styles of different valves that are unique to the CB450K0 engine. Our valves do no match the OEM length and head diameter of both the early and late style valves used. Because of these differences and the flat top piston used, our valves can hit the piston and should not be used.

Installation Tip: Valve seats need to inspected and touched up from a machine shop if heavily pitted. Otherwise you need to lap with the new valves to the old seats using some lapping compound. Guides must be measured for excessive play / wear. Guides will need replacement before attempting to cut or lap valve seats. Honda CB450 / CL450 Scrambler / CB500T use valve stem seals, that should be changed when the valves are replaced.

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