Honda CB550 Gasket Kit: Overhaul
Honda CB550 Gasket Kit: Overhaul

Honda CB550 Gasket Kit: Overhaul

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CMC Part Number:4099
  • Replaces OEM Part:92800-12000, 91318-300-013, 91302-250-010, 91312-MG7-003, 91309-425-003, 91301-268-020, 31282-323-300, 11691-323-306, 11691-323-000, 12209-333-005, 91305-323-000, 30372-300-300, 91354-371-000, 11394-374-306, 11394-374-000, 11398-426-000, 94608-40000, 91319-300-000, 91302-001-020, 91310-426-000, 91309-035-000, 12329-323-000, 91319-323-000, 12391-323-000, 91301-200-000, 12251-374-306, 12251-323-005, 12251-374-000, 12251-374-005, 91301-426-010, 91301-323-000, 91301-426-000, 12191-426-306, 12191-374-000, 12191-426-000, 91310-426-000, 91309-035-000, 91304-286-000, 91318-300-013, 18291-MN5-650, 18291-216-000
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Optional add-on part: CB550 / CB500K Oil Seal Kit
#4036 (+$55.00)

Part: Overhaul Gasket Kit for Honda CB550K / CB550K1 / CB550K2 / CB550K3 / CB550K4 / CB550F

Why You Need This: It all started with an oil leak from somewhere but ended with a complete engine tear down. Now you need the complete overhaul Gasket Kit for your Honda CB550. Chances are, when the engine was being disassembled, a few of the rubber o-rings or paper gaskets were marred or torn. This CB550 Gasket Kit is the most comprehensive gasket kit on the market and comes with all of the paper style gaskets, rubber o-rings, and exhaust gaskets to cover a top to bottom rebuild of your CB550 motorcycle. While you have your engine disassembled consider picking up a Honda CB550 Oil Seal Kit and some Honda Bond Gasket Sealer. While your top end is apart, consider checking your valves using our Valve Spring Tool to make sure that you are within recommended service limits.

Installation Tip: Use a razor blade to scrape clean your surfaces and remove all traces of the old gaskets along with any blobby silicone that has been used along the way. Once the old gaskets have all been scrapped away, use some acetone to clean any still remaining residue. When applying paper gaskets, spread a thin layer of white lithium grease to make for easy removal in the future.

Honda CB550K / CB550F Gasket Kits
Overhaul Gasket Kit
(Includes Gaskets A-D2)
AExhaust Gaskets4
BHead Gasket1
CCylinder Base Gasket1
DClutch Cover Gasket1
EPoints Cover Gasket1
FStator Cover Gasket1
GValve Cover Seal1
HBreather Cover1
IOil Pan Gasket1
JStarter Cover1
KIntake Runner to Head O-Ring4
LHead Bolt Cover Plugs6
MValve Guide (underside)8
NValve Stem Seals8
ORocker Shaft End Covers4
PCylinder Sleeve Base4
QTappet Cover O-Ring8
RCylinder to Upper Crank Case Dowel Pin 2
SCam Chain Tensioner Bolt1
TCylinder to Head Oil Passage2
UOil Pump to Crankcase1
VOil Pump Cover1
WOil Pressure Spring Cover1
XOil Pump to Crankcase Dowel2
YStarter Motor to Crankcase1
A2Oil Passage Screw Plug3
B2Oil Drain Bolt1
C2Tach Drive Housing1
D2Clutch Cover Adjuster Screw1
This Gasket Kit Fits These Honda Motorcycles

550K / F
5 Stars
Time saver
It’s been so nice having this kit to start my project. I’m beginning to learn, when you find one leaky o ring, there’s going to be a bunch more. Doing an overhaul isn’t in my plan, but having all these parts around is really saving a lot of time and frustration. This kit is like having a old time biker buddy next door with garage full of parts.
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