Chain Breaker / Press Tool Kit
Chain Breaker / Press Tool Kit

Chain Breaker / Press Tool Kit

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Part: Motorcycle Chain Breaker / Chain Press Tool Kit for Honda CT90 / CB100, CL100, CB125, CL125 / CB175, CL175, SL175 / CB200, CL200 / CB350, CL350, SL350 / CB360, CL360, CJ360 / CB450, CL450, CB500T / CB350F, CB400F / CB500F, CB550F / CB750 motorcycles.

Why You Need This: A chain breaker tool is a must for your tool box if you are going to be wrenching on vintage motorcycles like the Honda CB175 / CB200 / CB350 / CB360 / CB450 / CB500 / CB550 / CB750. We were getting tired of the issues found in the average chain breaker tool, so we decided to make our own and fix the pesky problems that have plagued lesser designs.

Our two areas of improvement are:

1) Tighter Thread Tolerances: The chain breaker tool relies on thread engagement between all the parts to press chain pins out or plates on. Many chain tools have very sloppy thread engagement which makes the tool more difficult to use. The additional play causes the center pin to bend or break off due to misalignment. Stripping the threads of the tool under force is also a frequent failure point on sloppy threaded tools. Our Common Motor motorcycle chain breaker tool has positive thread engagement, providing smooth operation, while removing all the excessive play between the critical tool components. This means less misalignment for easier use and less chance of ruining the tool due to threads stripping.

2) Locking Anvils: We have too often found the base anvil falling out of chain breaker too body when holding the chain breaker tool at various angles. This is especially frustrating when tying to assemble a cam chain master link. The Common Motor chain breaker tool feature anvils that friction fit in the lower half of the chain tool body, keeping them in place regardless of the position you are holding the tool.

Chain removal is a snap as this chain tool features multiple size drive pins for all common chains found on motorcycles (drive, cam, balance shaft, electric starter). The chain tool also has press plates for installing rivet style master links and staking end pins. The motorcycle chain breaker tool / chain press tool is able to remove links from the 530 pitch drive chain that is standard on many vintage Honda motorcycles. The tool is also commonly used to disassemble cam chain or to install a master link on a cam chain. We use this same chain breaker / chain press tool kit here in our shop so it is tough enough for regular duty. Replacement pins are available as special order items, contact us directly for assistance.

Installation Tip: Lubricate the threads of the tool with grease every time it is used. Spring goes in first then the pin. Make sure to hold the link you are pressing the pin out of snugly in the tool. We recommend using a wrench to tighten the tool on the chain. We also find that a wrench is easier to use than the rod that is included in the tool kit. When assembling our Common Motor cam chain master links, the pin is not used, but rather the "snout" guide for the pin to press the link plate in place. Make sure that you use the proper size pin for the chain you are working on; 530 pitch chains will use the largest pin. Proper alignment is very important when pressing chain pins to make sure they move as easily as possible. When pressing out pins you will feel resistance on the tool but smooth action. If the chain tool binds up, back off the center pin, snug the tool on the chain and try again.

This Chain Breaker Works With These Honda Motorcycles
CB125 S0CB125 S1CB125 S2CB125 SACB125 SACB125 SA
CL125 S0CL125 S1CL125 S1
5 Stars
Wrench In Chief
Prompt shipping. I watched the youtube video on the use of the tool and that helped in making up my decision to buy the tool. Great bunch to work with.
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Reviewed by:  from Minnesota. on 6/21/2016
5 Stars
Chain Breaker Tool
What made the sale to me was that Common Motors uses it. Used it on my 1974 CL450K6 for the timing chain. I drilled out the anvil hole for this small link chain pin with a number 30 drill and that did the trick for pushing out the pins without catching. Actually reused the same link as a master link on reassembly. Knowing I can get a replacement inner removal sliding pin is nice to know in case I bend it on the next link, next time.
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 4 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Renton. on 3/18/2017
5 Stars
Worked very well and was more than adequate for the task. Could maybe have a shorter alignment bolt at the Hex end. It was a bit of a tight fit for me. That could also be because of the position of the Master Link. Would recommend this tool.
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Windsor Canada. on 7/4/2017
5 Stars
Cam ?chain breaker joiner tool
The tool worked well . I found the manufacturer video ,and watched it. I would say that it is a quick over view and I failed to get the details so I nearly ruined a cam chain link. perhaps , You might consider doing your own instructions dumbed down for guys like me. Including details like which bit in the box is for which job. I would also add that I was very pleased by the phone call from Common Motor Collective to clarify shipping directions. It was the personal concern from a vendor which I really appreciated.
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Canada. on 4/12/2018
5 Stars
Chain Press Tool
Used the tool to remove and install a new cam chain on a CL450 worked great.
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Needville, Texas. on 2/4/2022

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