Club Style Muffler | Honda CB350 / CB450 / CB500T
Club Style Muffler | Honda CB350 / CB450 / CB500T

Club Style Muffler | Honda CB350 / CB450 / CB500T

$175.00 (Sold In Pairs)
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CMC Part Number:5016
  • Note:Does Not Qualify For Free Shipping
  • Qty:Sold In Pairs

T-Bolt Muffler Clamps
2 x Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps (#5102) (+$15.00)
Optional Add-On Parts:
(2x) Copper Head to Pipe Gaskets (#5004) (+$8.00)
(2x) Graphite Pipe to Muffler Gaskets (#5006) (+$20.00)

Part: Club Style Mufflers for Honda CB350 / CB450 / CB500T motorcycles

Note: Mufflers are Sold In Pairs. Does Not Qualify for Free Shipping

Why You Need This: Revitalize your motorcycle's sound with our Club Style Mufflers, ideal for replacing stock mufflers that have deteriorated over time. These mufflers add a touch of boldness, closely mirroring the stock performance and backpressure, making them a must-have for your bike. Perfect for vintage Hondas, they're sold in pairs and designed to enhance both the look and sound of your ride.

Important: Select mufflers based on your model. CB360 models require a slightly up-swept muffler, specific to left and right sides, whereas CB350 and CB450 models use a straight, symmetrical pipe. These mufflers will not fit the CB360.

Installation Tip: Remove the factory muffler clamp and apply anti-seize on the pipe adapters. For a complete exhaust system overhaul, consider installing new Copper Exhaust Gaskets between the header pipe and the cylinder. The mufflers are universal and come with adapter rings to fit various header sizes. Select the appropriate number of adapter rings to match your header pipe.

Optional Part: Graphite Exhaust Pipe Gasket: For an optimal seal, upgrade to our graphite pipe adapters, sold separately. These adapters compress and conform to the pipes for the best possible seal. This option is especially recommended for the Honda CB350 and CB360 factory header pipes and can be bundled with your muffler purchase for savings.

These Mufflers fit these Honda Motorcycles

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