Exhaust Gaskets (Composite) | Honda CB175 / CB200 / CB500 / CB550
Exhaust Gaskets (Composite) | Honda CB175 / CB200 / CB500 / CB550

Exhaust Gaskets (Composite) | Honda CB175 / CB200 / CB500 / CB550

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CMC Part Number:5017
  • Replaces OEM Part:18291-216-000, 18291-KE5-000
  • Qty:Sold In Sets

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CB175 / CB200 (Set of 2)
CB500K / CB550F / CB550K (Set of 4) (+$8.00)

Part: Composite Exhaust Gaskets for Honda CB175 / CB200 / CB500 / CB550F / CB550K Motorcycles

Note: The gaskets are sold in sets of 2 and 4, depending on the model of motorcycle you are working on. The CB175 / CB200 models only need two, while the CB500 / CB550 models use four gaskets to fit each pipe.

Why You Need This: Tick, tick, tick – what is that noise? If you have had the pipes on and off the bike, chances are you are dealing with an exhaust leak. The composite exhaust pipe gaskets go between the port on the cylinder head and the exhaust pipe. They are often so squished and covered in carbon that they go unnoticed, so the pipes end up being reinstalled on the motorcycle without replacing the old gaskets, causing an exhaust leak. A fresh set of composite exhaust pipe gaskets resolves this problem.

Installation Tip: Look carefully at the exhaust ports, unless you see aluminum, the old gasket is still in there. Scratch the carbon off the surface with a small screwdriver. Once you see the gasket gently pry it out, and replace it with the new gasket. 
These Composite Exhaust Gaskets fit the Following Honda Motorcycles

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