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Tail Light Lens | (Early-Model) Honda CB450 / CL450
Tail Light Lens | (Early-Model) Honda CB450 / CL450

Tail Light Lens | (Early-Model) Honda CB450 / CL450

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CMC Part Number:3166
  • Replaces OEM Part:33701-041-671
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Part: Honda Tail Light Lens for Honda CB175K0, CB350K0, CL350K0, CB450K0-K1, CL450K0

Why You Need This: First-year motorcycles are getting harder and harder to find parts for. They have strange idiosyncrasies that apply only to them that can make it also impossible to find parts that work without modification. This taillight lens is often called the "small" early style lens and would have been found on the very first generation CB175, CB350, and CB450 series of bikes like the Black Bomber CB450. This is an identical high-quality copy of the factory lens sold 50 years ago and is exactly what you need to get back on the road. While you are working on your lights, take the time to upgrade to our LED-upgrade kit and LED H4 headlight bulb to finally be able to see and be seen.

Installation Tip: A little bit of anti-seize on the screw threads works great for making this lens easier to remove next time. Also, take care to gently snug up the screws so you will not crack the lens, they do not need to be crazy tight. 

This Taillight Lens can be used on these Honda Motorcycles

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