Introducing Fixin' 2 Ride

Posted by on 2/26/2020

Fixin' 2 Ride

The tale of two cycles. One a failed "cafe racer" project, the other a rusting "barn find," both are destined to ride again!

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Watch "Fixin' 2 Ride"

In our brand new "Fixing To Ride" video series, Common Motor's Jessi and Caleb picked up two Craigslist specials for about $500 each - a failed "cafe racer" project and an old "barn find."

Our plan is to turn them both into fully reliable daily drivers for under $1,500 each.

These two motorcycles are great examples of what you might come across when searching for your own Vintage Honda project bike. In this series, we'll walk you through everything we looked for in purchasing them, and the types of repairs and obstacles you might come across when you set out on your own quest to buy and fix up an old Honda to make it your reliable "daily driver".

Function Over Fashion

During this series, we're going to go through the entire bike to make sure it's ready to ride, and it's safe. To be clear, this is not a restoration project; we're not going to be focusing on the way it looks as much the way it runs - besides, it's a known fact that old Hondas are naturally good looking.

At Common Motor, we believe in function over fashion, so we're looking for three things when we go through these bikes: performance, reliability, and safety.

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The Successful Vintage Motorcycle Formula

We'll be focusing on six areas of your vintage bike that need to be solid for you to have a reliable daily driver.

  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Fuel System
  • Suspension
  • Wheels
  • Electrical