Front Chain Sprocket | Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175
CB175 / CL175 / SL175 Front Drive Sprocket for 428 Pitch Drive Chain

Front Chain Sprocket | Honda CB175 / CL175 / SL175

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CMC Part Number:U4614
  • Replaces OEM Part:23801-230-000, 23801-313-000, 23801-216-010, 23801-216-812, 23801-216-811
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Select Front Sprocket Tooth Count:
15 Tooth (#4615)
16 Tooth (#4616)
17 Tooth (#4617)
Optional Add-On:
Front Sprocket Retaining Plate (#4620) (+$5.00)

Part: Front Sprocket for Honda CB175 K3-K6 / CL175 K0-K6 Scrambler / SL175 K0&K1 Motorcycles for 428 pitch chain

Why You Need This: If you have been in the vintage motorcycle game for a while now, you know that sprockets are one of the ongoing wear items on these old gems. Things such as high mileage, improper chain adjustment and lack of adequate lubrication cause the sprockets to wear out. Honda CB175 K3 / CB175 K4 / CB175 K5 / CB175 K6* / CL175 / CL175 K3 / CL175 K4 / CL175 K5 / CL175 K6* Scrambler / SL175 / SL175 K1 are no exception to this reality.

Sprockets need to be replaced when their teeth get thin and pointy, showing asymmetrical wear. Our replacement front drive sprockets are made of top quality steel and are an exact replica of the original factory units. Front sprockets are available in three different tooth counts (15T, 16T, 17T) to match the factory drive ratio and all fit a 428 pitch drive chain. Regardless of tooth count, each of these sprockets will fit any of the models listed below, so you can change the tooth count ratio from the factory spec to match your riding style. If you are installing a new front sprocket you should consider replacement of your rear sprocket as well as the drive chain. Use a high quality chain lube, such as Honda Genuine Chain Lube over gear oil.

Note* the Honda CB175 K7* / CL175 K* uses a 520 pitch drive chain, so these 428 pitch sprockets will not be compatible. This is also true for some of the late Honda CB175 K6* / CL175 K6* models. If you are looking for a front sprocket for any of the aforementioned models, you can find it here. Otherwise you can convert the late K6 and K7 versions to 428 pitch sprockets by swapping both the front and rear and using the proper chain.

Installation Tip: Changing the number of teeth on the front sprocket will change the final drive ratio of your motorcycle. Fewer teeth will give greater acceleration but less top end, while more teeth will give better top end, but reduced acceleration. A new chain cut to the proper length (number of links) must be installed when changing out to different sprocket sizes.

These Front Sprockets Fit the Following Honda Motorcycles

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