Drum Brake Shoes (Front) | Honda CB350 / CL350 / SL350
Drum Brake Shoes (Front) | Honda CB350 / CL350 / SL350

Drum Brake Shoes (Front) | Honda CB350 / CL350 / SL350

Your Price: $35.00
CMC Part Number:1014-350
  • Replaces OEM Part:45120-369-670, 45120-286-000, 06450-369-405, 451A2-369-670, 45133-235-000
  • Qty:Sold in Sets

Part Number:

*NOTICE: Due to supply chain disruptions, we may need to provide you with high-quality European-made shoes as a substitute for the Japanese-made ones. Please note that these European shoes may not come with springs, so you'll need to use the original springs from your current shoes.

Part: Front Drum Brake Shoes for Honda CB350 / CL350 Scrambler / SL350

Why You Need This Part: Are you still running those old front brake shoes that came with your bike? Unless you changed them yourself, chances are the answer is yes. Sure, they kind of work until the friction lining falls off the shoe. Yes, we've seen it many times and best not to let it happen to you. New front shoes have been a tough part to find for Honda CB350 / CL350 / SL350 owners to find. We've been able to source high quality parts out of Europe. Finish up the job with a fresh front brake cable to ensure all that squeezing makes it down to the front wheel. Remember, the front brake does 80% of the stopping power of the bike, so make sure your system is functioning properly. While you're cracking into the front brake system you should also take the opportunity to replace your brake cable. Riding around with a frayed or damaged cable can be dangerous.

Installation Tip: Apply a light coat of brake caliper grease (auto parts store) to the shoes pivot points for butter smooth operation. Make sure not to get any grease on the friction surface. If the surface of your drum is rusty, it may need to be sanded or wire brushed.

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