"Gemini" Replacement Ignition Condenser
'Gemini' Replacement Ignition Condenser

"Gemini" Replacement Ignition Condenser

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CMC Part Number:3177
  • Replaces OEM Part:30280-292-672, 30280-292-671, 30280-292-672, 30250-369-004, 30250-369-003, 30280-371-000
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Part: Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 Gemini Replacement Ignition Condenser

Why You Need This: The condensers used on the "Gemini" are just like any ignition condensers; they will eventually need to be replaced due to electrical decay. Keep some extra condensers on hand so nothing slows you down on the road. These are GM Delco style condensers were used for decades in millions of cars on the road. If one of your two condensers are starting to go bad on you your points will start to not last very long (few hundred miles) before they need replacement. A failing condenser will also let the bike idle OK but tend to keep it from revving very high, AKA your engine seems to cut out at a random RPM and stay there.

Installation Tip: A quick test to see if a condenser is failing is to watch the ignition points at idle speed on the bike in a dark place. If you see a bright spark at the points every time they open then the condenser is failing. However a small spark every few seconds is acceptable. Swap the condenser connections and see if the issue transfers itself to your other cylinder and if so replace the single faulty condenser. See the following article for more information: Engine Fires on One Cylinder, Is my Condenser Bad?

This Gemini Ignition Condenser Fits These Honda Motorcycles When Running Our Gemini Condenser Kit Upgrade

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