Come and Break It Gremlin Bell
Come and Break It Gremlin Bell

Come and Break It Gremlin Bell

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Part: "Come and Break It" Gremlin Bell

Why You Need This: Around these parts, if you complete your mandatory rider safety course with high marks, you are presented with a Gremlin Bell to wish you luck on your motorcycle journey. Whether to ward off gremlins or to call on guardians for protection, these bells have a special place in motorcycle lore. Here at Common Motor, we believe it is the rider that makes the motorcycle. Put time and effort into routine maintenance or repair and get a more reliable ride - as the bell challenges, "Come and Break It." Still, there is a point at which we all could use some extra help avoiding those frustrating repairs because we all know- the gremlins are really the ones at fault. Throw one of these Gremlin bells on your vintage motorcycle and pay homage to a rich motorcycle history while scaring away any gremlins. Snag one for your wrenching buddy as well, because we all would rather be riding just a little more than dealing with gremlins. 

Installation Tip: Use the provided key ring and zip-tie to attach your bell to your vintage Honda motorcycle. Typically placed lower on the frame, be sure to find a secure location that will not impede the brake pedal or kickstand.

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