Heidenau Modern Street Tire
Heidenau Modern Street Tire

Heidenau Modern Street Tire

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Part: Heidenau Modern Street Motorcycle Tire - Fits CB175 / CL175 / SL175 / CB200 / CL200 / CB350 / CL350 / SL350 / CB360 / CL360 / CJ360 / CB450 / CL450 / CB500T / CB500K / CB550 / CB750 Motorcycles.

Note: Tires do not ship outside of the USA. Domestic flat-rate shipping is $20 per tire. Tires ship separately and do not qualify for promotions or free shipping.

Why You Need This: Running a modern street tire on your vintage Honda CB or CL scrambler is now possible, and we've been doing it for years. Although they lack the retro styling of our Vintage Street and Vintage Scrambler tires, the Heidenau modern street tires are perfect for maximizing the handling performance of your Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 / CB550. Heidenau, a leader in motorcycle and scooter tires, has been producing premium quality tires in Germany for over seventy years. Featuring modern "sticky" rubber compounds and wider tread contact than the original Honda spec, these tires ensure your motorcycle stays glued to the pavement, whether carving out twisties or clocking long haul miles. We've done the hard work to figure out the proper modern size tires that fit between the forks and the rear swing arm of the Honda CB350 / CL350 / CB360 / CL360 / CJ360 / CB450 / CL450 / CB500T / CB550 without any modification. See our fitment chart below for more details. The tires are tubeless type, meaning they fit modern one-piece motorcycle rims. However, since most Honda CB's and CL's use spoke style rims, tubes and rim strips will need to be installed (it's fine to run a tube inside a tubeless tire). They are "H" speed rated for up to 130 mph / 210 Km/h at maximum pressure and weight load. Using our balance bead kit will help maintain tire smoothness throughout their lifespan.

Installation Tip: Most of these tires feature balance dots (double red dots) which should be aligned with the valve stem of the tube during installation. Ensure to pay attention to the rotational direction of the tire and mount it accordingly on the rim. Applying baby powder inside the tire and on the tube eases the tube's installation. Using glass cleaner (Windex) as a lubricant between the tire and the wheel helps when working the bead over the rim. Inflate the tire before installing it on the bike to ensure the tube is not pinched during installation.

Tire Fitment Compatibility:
REGULAR = Acceptable Replacement Size & Location
(BOLD) = Recommended Size & Location
F = Front Tire
R = Rear Tire
F / R = Front or Rear Tire

Modern Street Tire
Size18" X 2.75"18" x 3.50"18" x 100/9018" x 110/9018" x 110/8018" x 120/9019" x 90/9019" x 100/90
SL175 R      
CB350 F / R(F) / R(R)R
SL350 K0  F(F)
SL350 K1-K2  (R)RF(F)
CB360 F / R(F) / R(R)R
CL360 F / R(F) / R(R)R
CJ360 F / R(F) / R(R)R
CB450 K0 - K2 F / R(F) / RRR(R)

CB450 K3 - K7RR(R)F(F)
CB550KRR(R)F (F)
CB550FRR(R)F (F)
CB750RR(R)F (F)

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