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Heidenau Vintage Scrambler Tire
Heidenau Vintage Scrambler Tire

Heidenau Vintage Scrambler Tire

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Part: Heidenau Vintage Scrambler Motorcycle Tire - Fits Honda CB350 / CL350 / CB360 / CL360 / CJ360 / CB450 / CL450 / CB500T / CB550 (Does Not Ship Outside of the USA)

Why You Need This: The options for tires on our vintage Honda motorcycles is fairly limited due to sizing standard changes in the motorcycle industry. You want the style of a vintage tire to keep your bike looking original, but want the performance and handling of a modern tire. Why not have both? Heidenau has been making premium motorcycle tires in Germany for over 70 years with dedicated vintage styles, featuring the right tread pattern designs and sizes of the past with today's modern rubber chemistry.

The Heidenau vintage scrambler tire is a period correct styled tire that will make your Honda CL350, CL360 or CL450 look like it just rolled off the showroom floor. With a classic scrambler block tread pattern, most of the tire sizes are suitable for front or rear use (just make sure to mount them with rotation direction correctly). However what you can not see is that the vintage scrambler tire is made of modern ultra sticky rubber compounds that outperform the tires of the past (and will out perform those cheap-o tires that are rotting on your bike now). Just because this is a "Scrambler" styled tire, do not think that putting them on your Honda CB350, CB360, CB450 or CB550 is out of the question if this is the look you are after. Tires are tube type and are "S" speed rated which means they are good for 112 mph / 180 km/h at max load and pressure.

We are surprised at how many old Honda's we see out there still running the original tires that came on the bike over 40 years ago! Tires dry out and get hard, which means they don't grip like should. Just because there is tread on them does not mean they are road worthy (not to mention all the cracks in the sidewalls). Time to replace the tires on your bike along with the tubes and rim strips; our balance bead kit makes balancing your tires at home a snap too.

Installation Tip: Most of the tires feature balance dots (double red dots) which should be lined up with the valve stem of the tube when installing. Pay attention to the rotational direction of the tire and mount it accordingly on the rim. Most of the tires can be mounted in the front or rear position of the bike, however there are a few sizes that are front specific only tires. Use some baby powder on the inside of the tire and on the tube when installing to let the tube slide in the tire. Glass cleaner (Windex), works great as a lubricant between the tire and the rim when working the bead over the rim. Pump the tire up prior to installing it on the bike to make sure the tube did not get pinched during the install.

Tire Fitment Compatibility:
REGULAR = Acceptable Replacement Size & Location
(BOLD) = OEM Size, Style & Location
F = Front Tire
R = Rear Tire
F / R = Front or Rear Tire

Vintage Scrambler Tire
Size18" x 3.00"18" x 3.25"18" x 3.50"18" x 4.00"19" x 3.00"19" x 3.25"19" x 3.50"
CB450 K0-K2FF / RR


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