Fuel System parts for Honda CB175, CL175, CB200 and CL200 motorcycles

Honda CB175 Fuel systemThe Honda CL175 Scrambler / CL200 Scrambler / CB175 / CB200 fuel system utilizes two Keihin slide carburetors fed through a single petcock from the fuel tank. Each carburetor is opened by 1 into 2 split throttle cable and must be synchronized for idle speed and throttle progression. The petcock should be replaced or rebuilt as well. 

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Honda Locking Flip-Top Gas Cap Latch
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Honda Flip Top-Style Gas Cap
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Carburetor Float Level Gauge
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Fuel Line (Polyurethane)
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Latch for Honda Flip Top Gas Cap
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Petcock Rebuild Kit (Aftermarket)
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Petcock Fuel Filter Screen (Aftermarket)
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Petcock | Honda CL175 / CL200
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