Exhaust parts for Honda CB350, CL350 Scrambler, SL350 motorcycles

Honda CB350 ExhaustOne of the main difference between the Honda CL350 and CB350 is the exhaust. The CB350 uses a pair of individual exhaust pipes that exit to the left and right of engine with a matching muffler mounted along the bottom of the frame. The exhaust on the the CL350 "scrambler" is a pair of pipes that exit the engine on the left side and are mounted up high on the frame for better ground clearance. CL can be converted to CB exhaust and vice versa. Common leak areas are from the exhaust pipe into the cylinder head and between the muffler and the pipe.
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Exhaust Pipe Gaskets (Copper) | Honda CB350 / CB360
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Mufflers | Honda CB350
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Stainless Steel T-bolt Muffler Clamp
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Header Pipe Wrap
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Scrambler Muffler | Honda CL350 / CL360 / CL450
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Exhaust Collars | Honda CB350 / CL350
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Club Style Muffler | Honda CB350 / CB450 / CB500T
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