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CB450 Parts


The below parts are for the Honda CB450, CL450 Scrambler & CB500T twin cylinder dual overhead cam (DOHC) motorcycles. Production time window: 1965 - 1976. The 450 family of bikes changed very little over the course of production; engines are 444 cc with 5 speed transmissions (K0 has 4 speed transmission). The 1965 - 1967 CB450 K0 (Black Bomber / Hellcat) has many unique parts pertaining to the K0 variant only. In 1968, the K1 CB450 & CL450 set the updated architecture of 450 family with heavy parts interchangeability through the successive K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, K7 variants. Piston stroke was increased to create the 498 cc CB500T (1975 - 1976), the final version of the motorcycle.

For Honda CL450 / CB450 / CB500T Technical Information, Support Guides and Factory Manuals view our knowledge base.

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Honda CB450 / CL450 Emblem Patch
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Honda CB450 / CB500T Shockwave Electronic Ignition System
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