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Honda CB450 Carburetor Gasket & O-ring Kit
Honda CB450 Carburetor Gasket & O-ring Kit

Honda CB450 Carburetor Gasket & O-ring Kit

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CMC Part Number:6072
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Part: Honda CL / CB450 Carburetor Gasket & O-Ring Kit

Why You Need This Part: So the carburetors on your Honda Honda CL / CB450 are in pretty decent shape, just a quick clean and back on the bike. The issue is you need a few gaskets rather than the whole rebuild kit. No worries there, as we have this simple Carburetor Gasket & O-ring Kit for the factory Keihin Carburetors found on your Honda CL / CB450/ CB500T. Kits are sold individually, you will need two to rebuild both carbs. However, if you find the brass in your carbs to be chewed up then you many need to step up to a full carburetor rebuild kit and even some new carburetor floats if they are trashed as well.

Installation Tip: There were two types of idle mixture needles used on the Honda CL / CB450 / CB500T family of bikes; an early style and a late style:

Early style needle is identified as having threads along the length of its body uses the larger O-ring in a grove machined in the needle.

Late style needle is identified as having a stepped tip and smooth body with threads only at the screw head. The small O-ring is used just at the tip in conjunction with the small metal washer that must be re-used.

Make sure to use a drop of light oil on the O-rings and threads of the mixture screws when installing.

Kit Includes:

  • Float bowl gasket
  • Slide cover gasket
  • Sealing washers: Float needle seat, idle mixture chamber
  • O-rings for:
    • Idle needle (late & early style)
    • Drain Plug
*Note: Gaskets are not included for the air valve diaphragm found on Honda CB500T carburetors

Carburetor Gasket & O-ring Kit Fits These Honda Motorcycles
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