7" Headlight Bucket & H4 Bulb Kit | Honda CB450 / CB500 / CB550
7' Headlight Bucket & H4 Bulb Kit | Honda CB450 / CB500 / CB550

7" Headlight Bucket & H4 Bulb Kit | Honda CB450 / CB500 / CB550

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CMC Part Number:K3060
  • OEM Part:33100-341-701, 33100-300-673, 61301-300-020B, 61301-300-010B
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Select Headlight Bucket and Trim Ring
Black Bucket / Chrome Trim (#3161)
Chrome Bucket / Chrome Trim (#3162)
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Halogen 35W/35W (#3010)
LED Bulb (#3014) (+$50.00)
Headlight Lens H4

Part: Headlight Bucket + Lens + Bulb Combo for Honda CB450 (K5 - K7) / CB500T / CB550K / CB550K/F

Why You Need This: Who doesn't want a brighter headlight on their Honda CB450 or CB500T? Increased visibility for you while riding and the easier for you to be seen on the road by others. However, the factory sealed beam headlight on your Honda are awfully dim and replacement bulbs are hard to source. Time to be seen with our 7" headlight bucket, lens, and halogen H4 bulb kit. This new light is significantly brighter than the original and is much easier to change when bulb replacements are necessary. The light is a 35W / 35W high an low beam so it means more light but will not over tax the charging system. The lens is the larger 7" diameter (earlier 450's use the smaller 6.25" headlight) and the replacement bucket looks period correct and works with the factory mounts. If you have not already upgraded the regulator / rectifier on your bike time to do it too. That is the other major electrical upgrade to do on your Honda CB450 or CB500T that gets more efficiency out of the charging system. This kit includes a metal headlight bucket, trim ring and lens with bulb. We also offer just the lens and bulb if that's all you need. It is not an exact replacement, but it looks period correct.

Installation Tip: Clean your connectors well to remove any corrosion. This bucket uses M8 mounting bolts (included) which are smaller than the M10 factory bolts. If you want to use the factory mounting bolts, holes must be drilled and tapped for M10 bolts. Check out the installation and assembly article for instructions on how to assemble the different components of this headlight bucket right here.

This Replacement Headlight Kit Fits These Honda Motorcycles
450 / 500TCB450K5CB450K6CB450K7CB500TCB500T

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