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Rear Wheel Bearing Kit | Honda CB450 / CB500 / CB550
Rear Wheel Bearing Kit | Honda CB450 / CB500 / CB550

Rear Wheel Bearing Kit | Honda CB450 / CB500 / CB550

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Wheel Bearing Retainer
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Part: Honda CB450 / CB500 / CB550 Rear Wheel Bearing Kit

Why You Need This: Wheel bearings are what keep the wheels of your Honda CB450 / CL450 Scrambler / CB500T / CB500K / CB550F / CB550K rolling smooth and trouble free for miles and miles (kilometers if you prefer metric). However, wheel bearings are often a neglected part and can wear out after all the miles the previous owner put on your machine before you. Worn out rear wheel bearings and can cause excessive play in your hub and your wheel to wobble, which just gets worse the more they are used. If the rear wheel bearings on your Honda CB450 / CL450 / CB500 / CB550 are oozing grease, feel "crunchy," or have lateral play (back and forth movement perpendicular to the axle) then it's time to replace your rear wheel bearings.

Our rear wheel bearing kit includes both drive side (large) and brake side (small) bearing with a dust seal. While you have the rear wheel off your bike it is a good time to rebuild the rear brake with some new brake shoes. Front wheel bearings for disk brake front wheels on K3 - K7 Honda CB450 and the CB500 / CB550 are also available.

Installation Tip: Use a heat gun on the hub to expand the aluminum and make removing the old bearings and installing the new bearings a lot easier. A long punch or drift will help you remove the old bearings easily but be careful not to damage the hub when driving them out. A large socket or a tube just smaller than the new bearing's outer race (diameter) should be used to drive in the new bearings. Do not press on the inner race or the blue dust covers as you will damage the bearing while installing it.

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