Cam Chain | Honda CB500K / CB550K / CB550F
Cam Chain | Honda CB500K / CB550K / CB550F

Cam Chain | Honda CB500K / CB550K / CB550F

Your Price: $40.00
CMC Part Number:K4058
  • Replaces OEM Part:14401-362-003, 14401-323-003, 14410-283-000

Cam Chain
Master Link
Optional Tool
Chain Breaker / Press Tool (#9001) (+$35.00)

Part: Honda CB550 / CB500K Cam Chain

Why You Need This Part: Got your Honda CB550 or CB500K engine all apart for at top end rebuild? This is a good opportunity to put a new cam timing chain in the motor as part of a standard rebuild. Our premium Japanese made cam chain is 88 links long and comes as a broken loop so you can install it around the crank gear without having to separate the crankcases, remove the crankshaft and loop the chain around the center sprocket and then put it all back together - yes it is ton of work to do it that way.

The cam chain includes a PRESS type master link (NOT a rivet-type), which must be installed with a chain tool.

Installation Tip: Make sure to soak chain in motor oil prior to installation. You can use the old cam chain to thread the new cam chain around the crank assuming that you have not removed the old cam chain yet. Make sure not to press the side plate on the master link on too far that you cause the chain to bind between the master link plates and the inner chain links.

This Cam Chain Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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