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Honda CB550 Carburetor Synchronization Tool Kit

Honda CB550 Carburetor Synchronization Tool Kit

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CMC Part Number:9053

Part: Honda CB550 and CB500K Carburetor Synchronization Tool Kit

Why You Need This: Carburetor synchronization is key to the CB550 and CB500k running well and this tool kit makes the process a breeze. If you find your bike having a high idle speed, inconsistent idle, shaking while accelerating and mediocre throttle response / power output from the engine, the carbs need synchronization. Your CB550 and CB500k probably hasn't been synced since it left the factory. The carb sync tool kit contains: Sync wrench, vacuum gauge, 4-way gang valve, dampening inline valve, carburetor vacuum port rods (made specifically for the 550), 3 feet of 1/4" fuel line with end splice adapters and 10 feet of vacuum line.

Installation Tip: Read the How To article and watch the video. Bike must be warmed up to riding temperature, about 10 minutes of riding. Use a box fan to keep the engine cool during the process. Synchronization should only be performed after the cam chain and valves have been adjusted, ignition timing set and carburetors are clean with air filters in place. The carbs must have no air leaks from the diaphragms, intake manifolds or throttle shaft ends or the synchronization will not be accurate due to false readings.

The Honda CB550 Carburetor Synchronization Tool Kit Includes:

  • Sync Wrench
  • Vacuum Gauge
  • 3' of 1/4" Fuel Line
  • 1/4" Fuel Line Splice Adapters x2
  • 10' of Vacuum Line
  • Dampening Inline Valve
  • 4-way Gang Valve
  • Carburetor Vacuum Port Tubes x4
  • Zip-ties x16


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