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Honda CB550 ExhaustThe Honda CB550 Family utilize different exhaust pipe and muffler designs based on the sub model. CB500K & CB550K use a 4 into 4 exhaust header and muffler configuration, which means four individual pipes from each cylinder run into four independent mufflers. Earlier model bikes’ muffler is know as a bell mouth shape, while the CB550K3 / K4 have a classic cone style shape to the muffler. The CB550K has a 4 into 1 style super sport exhaust system, where all four pipes exit into a single large chamber muffler. Exhaust leaks are common for all bikes at the exhaust port on the cylinder head, and between the muffler and pipe.
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Honda CB500 / CB550F  / CB550K Composite Exhaust Gasket Set
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Honda CB500 / CB550F / CB550K Exhaust Clamp
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Honda Header Pipe Wrap
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