Fuel System parts for Honda CB500K, CB550K and CB550F motorcycles

Honda CB550 Fuel SystemThe Honda CB500K / CB550K use four individual Keihin 022A carburetors (one for each cylinder) connected to a common mounting plate. They are a bank of all mechanical round slide carburetors with a dual fuel inlet and are controlled by a dual throttle cable set up (pull and push cable). Note the CB550K3 / K4 (1977-1978) uses a uniquely different model of Keihin carburetors which only appeared on this late version of the bike, which have their own rebuild kit and throttle cables. These carburetors need to be synchronized for the engine to run properly. Depending on tank styles there were no less than three different petcocks styled used during the production run.
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Petcock | Honda CB500K / CB550K / CB750K
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Carburetor Intake Boots | Honda CB550 (K3&K4)
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Flip-Up Gas Cap Seal | Honda Twins And Inline Fours
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Main Jet Clip | Honda CB500K / CB550K / CB550F
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Latch for Honda Flip Top Gas Cap
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Fuel Line (Polyurethane)
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Front Rubber Tank Mounts | Honda CB450 / CB500T / CB550
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Honda Locking Flip-Top Gas Cap Latch
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Honda Flip Top-Style Gas Cap
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