Honda CB750 Oil Seal Kit
Honda CB750 Oil Seal Kit

Honda CB750 Oil Seal Kit

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CMC Part Number:4140
  • Replaces OEM Part:91205-300-005, 91204-286-003, 91202-KFL-841, 91202-216-000, 91202-216-003, 91202-302-000, 91202-302-010, 91205-HB2-771, 91205-HB2-772, 91205-035-303, 91201-300-003, 91256-096-651, 91211-286-003, 91206-286-013
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Part: Honda CB750K / CB750F Oil Seal Kit

Why You Need This: You may have heard the phrase, "Get worried if it stops leaking oil" and while that may be true for certain motorcycles, it is definitely not intended for our vintage Hondas. If your CB750K / CB750F is leaking oil the probable offender is your oil seals. At 40+ years old most of them can be found dry-rotted, cracked, or hard. While it can be tempting to replace just the leaky one, trust us and go ahead replace them all while you are inside the engine. Our CB750 oil seal kit is OEM quality and contains every oil seal you will encounter in the engine of your cafe racer. While you are doing any major engine work or just pulling off engine covers you should also add an overhaul gasket kit, stainless steel allen bolt kit, Hondabond 4, and anti-seize to the list to finish the job right.

    Kit Includes:
  • Transmission Shaft Seal (#4218)
  • Tachometer Drive Seal (#4097)
  • Kickstarter Shaft Seal (#4012)
  • Crankshaft Left Seal (#4215)
  • Clutch Lifter Seal (#4212)
  • Neutral Light Switch Seal (#4098)
  • Shift Lever Seal (#4007)
  • Crankshaft Right Seal (#4214)
  • Output Shaft Seal (#4135)

Installation Tip: Carefully pry out the old seals to not gouge the seal seat. Use a small amount of Hondabond 4 around the outer circumference of the new seals for extra security. While installing the fresh seals make sure to drive them in square, a socket slightly smaller than the diameter of the seal can be used as a driver.

This Oil Seal Kit is used on these Honda Motorcycles

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