Steel Clutch Plate | Honda CB450 / CB500T / CB750
Steel Clutch Plate | Honda CB450 / CB500T / CB750

Steel Clutch Plate | Honda CB450 / CB500T / CB750

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CMC Part Number:4005
  • Replaces OEM Part:22321-MG8-000
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Optional Add-On Part:
CB450 / CL450 / CB500T Clutch Rebuild Kit (#4054) (+$100.00)
CB750 K0-K5 Clutch Rebuild Kit (#4113) (+$80.00)
Part: Steel Clutch Plate | Honda CB450, CL450 Scrambler, CB500T / CB750K, CB750F Super Sport

Why You Need This: The steel clutch plates are the other "half" of the clutch mechanism in your vintage Honda CB450 or CB750 motorcycle. The plates are sandwiched between the clutch friction discs (which is the typical parts that are changed when doing a clutch rebuild) and are what the friction disks "grab" when releasing the clutch lever. Typically the steel clutch plates are reusable without an issue; occasionally we find that a steel clutch plate has been chewed up and needs to be swapped out. Steel clutch plates are sold individually, and the total number of plates used depends on the model of bike you are working on.

It's easy to spot a bad clutch plate, typically they will show these signs of wear:

  • Discoloration, purple to blue and have heavy streaking from grinding into the friction discs. This means it got hot, oil was low and or friction discs wore off all the friction material, therefor metal was grinding on metal.
  • If the steel clutch plates are wavy and do not pass the flatness test. See the factory service manual for inspection process and service limits.
  • The factory steel clutch plates have a dimpled surface, this is normal. Our replacement steel clutch plates have a smooth surface.
  • It is only necessary to replace the steel clutch plates that do not pass inspection, nor is it necessary to replace all the steel plates when rebuilding the clutch. It is OK to mix and match old and new steel clutch plates.
  • The first steel clutch plate or the one in the bottom of the clutch basket on the CB450 / CL450 / CK750 K0 & early K1 is different from the others in the assembly. It is identified by having a beveled edge and must be installed correctly.
  • CB750F and CB750K have one different steel clutch plate in the middle of the friction disc stack depending on year model. It may be possible to substitute this one odd steel clutch plate for our replacement version.
    • CB450 / CL450 Scrambler / CB750 K0-K5 = 6 plates
    • CB750F / CB750K = 5 plates + 1 odd plate steel*
    • CB500T - Count the number in the clutch assembly
Installation Tip: Make sure that the friction discs have been soaked in oil prior to installation.
These Clutch Steel Plates Will Fit These Honda Motorcycles

* Some early K1 450's use the old style 6 spring clutch set up which will not work with these Clutch Steels.

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