Clutch Rebuild Kit | Honda CB550K / CB550F
Clutch Rebuild Kit | Honda CB550K / CB550F

Clutch Rebuild Kit | Honda CB550K / CB550F

Your Price: $85.00
CMC Part Number:K4666
  • Replaces OEM Part:22401-374-000, 22401-323-003, 22401-323-000, 22401-275-000, 22201-286-010, 22202-392-000, 22202-390-000

Clutch Disk
Clutch Spring Set

Part: Honda CB550K / CB550F Clutch Rebuild Kit

Why You Need This: Clutches are a wear item on your Honda CB550K / CB550F. If the engine revs up when you give it gas while cruising in gear then there is a good chance the clutch is due for a rebuild. Our clutch rebuild kit has all the pieces needed to get you up and running in no time. The clutch rebuild kit includes the proper friction disc and a set of new performance clutch springs that provide more clamping force over the factory Honda ones. Add a clutch cable and power lever to finish the rebuild right. If you are looking for a CB500K clutch rebuild kit it is here.

Kit Details: This kit includes a total of 8 friction discs, 7 of which are identical and 1 has slightly larger tabs that fit in the top open end clutch basket of the CB550F and CB550K3 / K4's. Depending on what type of clutch basket you have on your bike you may not need to use the odd disc that has the larger tabs. There will be one left over disc that is not used, either the large tab disc or one of the other style.

Installation Tip: Soak the clutch discs in some 10W-40 motor oil overnight prior to installation. Check the metal plates for excessive wear or gouging. Typically they can be re-used if they are not warped or cooked from being overheated. Do not over tighten the spring mounting bolts as it is easy to strip or break the clutch basket casting.

This Clutch Rebuild Kit Fits These Honda Motorcycles
550K / FCB550K0CB550K1CB550K2CB550K3CB550K4

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