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Honda CB350 / CB360 Carburetor Intake Manifold Clamp
Honda CB350 / CB360 Carburetor Intake Manifold Clamp

Honda CB350 / CB360 Carburetor Intake Manifold Clamp

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CMC Part Number:6028
  • Replaces OEM Part:16223-KS5-000, 17255-329-000
  • Qty:Sold Individually

Part: Honda CB350 / CB360 Carburetor Intake Manifold Clamps

Why You Need This Part: High quality stainless steel Intake Manifold Clamps offer increased clamping force over the factory units for your Honda CB350 and CB360 motorcycles. These intake manifold clamps different from typical auto part store clamps as they feature a anti gouging guard that isolates the clamp screw from the intake manifold. If you are replacing your 350 intake manifolds or 360 intake manifolds, then these are a worthwhile upgrade too. Sold individually so make sure you get enough to complete your project.

Installation Tip: Position the clamps with the screw on the bottom of the intake manifold facing outward. Using a nut driver over a Flathead screwdriver makes installation much easier; do not over tighten.

This Intake Manifold Clamps Fit These Honda 350 & Honda 360 Motorcycles

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