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Honda Heavy-Duty Rear Shock
Black / Black

Honda Heavy-Duty Rear Shock

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CMC Part Number:8003
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Replaces OEM Part:52400-286-670XW, 52400-455-670XW, 52400-317-670XW, 52400-455-670XW, 52400-317-700XW, 52400-369-000, 52400-458-670, 52400-292-670XW, 52400-390-681XW, 52400-323-010XW, 52400-318-670, 52400-456-670

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Chrome / Chrome (#8005)
Chrome / Black (#8006)
Black / Black (#8007)

Part: Honda CB350 / CB360 / CB450 / CB550 Heavy-Duty Rear Shock - Sold in Pairs

Why You Need This: If you have not figured it out yet, the stock rear shocks on your Honda are spongier than a marshmallow. Add 40 years of neglect to the equation and you are in for one pogo stick of a ride. Good thing we have a fresh pair rear shocks to keep your back tire glued to the pavement. These rear shocks look great and will make your CL350 / CB350; CL360 / CJ360 / CB360 / CL450 / CB450 / CB500T / CB550 handle better than ever. They have 4 spring load setting, but are on the firm side already. Additionally we replace the squishy rubber upper bushings with our high performance vinyl bushing set. These rear shocks are 13-inches long (stock is 12-inches) which kicks the fork rake in a tad thus improves the steering response. Throw in some fresh fork seals up front and your suspension is ready to take the twistiest roads.

Installation Tip: Depending on your exhaust set up you may need to adjust the mufflers and / or pipes for proper clearance. The chain guard may need to be massaged too. Lubricate the upper bushing with some bearing grease. Use of these shocks on the CB350 or CB450 will require modification of the stock mufflers to clear the rear axle due to the additional height.

Measured Dimensions:

  • Eyelet to Clevis Eyelet: 13.125" (333.4mm - spec is 340mm)
  • Upper eyelet ID: 0.875" (22.2mm)
  • Upper eyelet width: 0.6875" (17.5mm)
  • Clevis inside width: 0.875" (22.2mm)
  • Clevis bolt thread: M10x1.25

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