Brake Shoes | Honda CB100 / CL100 / CB125 / CL125
Honda CB100 / CB125 Brake Shoes with Springs

Brake Shoes | Honda CB100 / CL100 / CB125 / CL125

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CMC Part Number:U1201
  • Replaces OEM Part:45120-001-010, 451A0-001-670, 43120-365-671, 06430-GBJ-J10, 45133-028-000, 43151-110-000
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Service Grade (#1205)
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Brake shoes for Honda CB100 and CB125-series singles.

This Part Fits the Following Honda Models

  • CB100 K0-K2
  • CL100 Scrambler K0-K3
  • SL100 K0-K3
  • CB125 S0-S2 / CB125 SA
  • CL125 Scrambler S0-S1
  • SL125 K0-K2

Why You Need This

After five decades of service, the brake shoes on your vintage Honda CB100 / CL100 Scrambler / SL100 / CB125 / CL125 Scrambler / SL125 need to be replaced. Old, OEM brake shoes wear out over the years, and in worst-case scenarios, the friction lining can crack, crumble, or detach completely from the shoe itself. To help get your bike safely stopping again, we offer these high-quality brake shoes and hardware.

NOTE: Both the CB100 and the CB125-series drum brakes came in two general versions—early style and late style. The brake shoes and hardware are interchangeable between the two versions, and our brake shoes fit all CB100 and CB125 variants.

Please choose between the two grades of brake shoes:

  • Premium Grade: Feature organic friction material.
  • Service Grade: Feature semi-metallic friction material for increased stopping power.

Installation Tip

Apply a light coat of brake caliper grease to the brake shoes' pivot points for butter-smooth operation. Make sure not to get any grease on the friction surface. Sand the surface of the inside of the brake drum with some 80-grit sandpaper to remove glaze and any rust from the drum's surface.

These Brake Shoes Fit the Following Honda Motorcycles
CB125 S0CB125 S1CB125 S2CB125 SACB125 SACB125 SA
CL125 S0CL125 S1CL125 S1

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