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Honda CB175 / CL175 Allen Bolt Kit
Honda CB175 / CL175 Allen Bolt Kit

Honda CB175 / CL175 Allen Bolt Kit

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CMC Part Number:4159
  • Replaces OEM Part:93500-06025-0A, 93500-06025, 93500-06020-0A, 93500-06020, 93500-06032-0A, 93500-06032, 93500-06035-0A, 93500-06036, 93500-06040-0A, 93500-06040, 93700-06040, 93700-06040-0A
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Part: Honda CB175 / CL175 Allen Bolt Kit

Why You Need This: Taking off the crankcases and side covers of your CB175 or CL175 Scrambler doesn't have to be a chore. One of the simplest upgrades you can make to your vintage CB175 or CL175 Scrambler is to change out the old Japanese Industry Standard (JIS) Phillips head screws. More than likely these screws have seen their fair share of non-JIS screwdrivers, causing the heads to be gouged and stripped. Switching to Allen head bolts has makes removing the side covers much easier. The kit also includes necessary Allen wrenches. Make sure to have the necessary replacement gaskets before removing your bolts

Kit Includes Bolts for:

  • Left Crankcase
  • Right Crankcase
  • Stator Cover
  • Oil Filter Cover
  • Sprocket Cover
  • Points Cover 
  • Right Cam Cover
  • Left Cam Cover
  • Tachometer Drive Cover
  • Electric Start Motor mount bolts

Installation Tip: The best way to remove the old striped bolts is with an impact driver. Using an anti-seize compound on the new Allen head bolts will make future removal a breeze. 

This Allen Bolt Kit Fits These Honda Motorcycles

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