Fork Seals (EZ Install) | Honda CB175 / CB200
Fork Seals (EZ Install) | Honda CB175 / CB200

Fork Seals (EZ Install) | Honda CB175 / CB200

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CMC Part Number:U8053
  • Qty:Sold in Pairs
  • Replaces OEM Part:91255-464-003, 90755-314-650, 91255-216-000, 91255-315-003, 91255-GAA-003, 91255-110-003, 91255-110-005

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31 mm x 41 mm | Early-Model CB175 K3-K6 (#8054)
31 mm x 43 mm | Late-Model CB175 K7 / CB200 (#8049)

Part: Honda CB175 / CB200 Fork Seals: EZ Install - Sold in Pairs

Why You Need This: Changing out Honda CB175 or CB200 fork seals might be your least favorite maintenance task and hearing other riders' horror stories isn't helping. Not to worry, Common Motor has found the perfect solution - EZ Install Fork Seals. Rather than spending your time tapping down the standard seals, use advances in technology to your advantage and cut your install time down to nothing. Drop the EZ Install seal, washer, and the original snap ring... and get that CL175 or CL200 back to scrambling. Made in the USA, these EZ Install fork seals come with a lifetime guarantee and are able to be removed, cleaned, and reinstalled. If you are a purest or looking for a budget-friendly option, check out our standard seals.


CB175 / CL175 K3-K6 will use the 31mm x 41mm Early Style Fork Seals (#8054)

CB175 / CL175K7 / CB200 / CL200 / SL175 will use the 31mm x 43mm Late Style Fork Seals (#8049)

Installation Tip: Keep in mind that fork seals can be installed with the fork tubes still on the motorcycle. Always lubricate the seals using fork oil before installing. The original Honda manual specs ATF (5W), but we recommend using a 10W or 15W motorcycle fork oil for a stiffer feeling depending on the weight of the rider.

Installation Guides: Honda used two different fork architectures between the CB175 / CB200 family of motorcycles. Refer to our full installation guides below for step-by-step instructions to rebuild the forks on your specific motorcycle. 

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